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Glass & Ceramic

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Liquid Glass protective coating is designed for ALL GLASS, MIRRORS, BATHROOMS, TILES.

Glass & Ceramic is an alcohol based system, which generates an easy-to-clean effect on glass and ceramic surfaces. On the surface a thin hydro- and oleophobic film is created, which prevents the sticking of dirt, lime-scale and impurities and increase the rolling off of water.

It offers:

  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
  • Therefore soiling is diminishes and the surface can be cleaned with lower cleaning efforts.
  • Saving time and Cleaning Chemicals
  • Anti Bacterial, Anti fungal, Anti Mould, Anti Soap Scum build up.

This results in a very easy cleaning of the coated surfaces. NanoProtect® protection Glass & Ceramic is excellently suitable for sealing surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom such as shower cubicles, washing basins, flagging, etc.

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