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Extend the shelf-life and “freshness” of all foods with Nano Protect Fridge Sticks!

Refrigerators are wonderful, but the simple truth is that they are also very often full of bacteria, in fact the fridge is one of the most bacteria laden areas in the home. Scientific studies have confirmed that up to 11.4 million bacteria can be found on just 1 square centimeter of the internal surface of a fridge!

We have all heard of infection and food poisoning out breaks which have started in restaurants, but equally thousands of such outbreaks start from pathogens which are breading in the fridges found in our homes and our workplaces. Regular cleaning of the fridge is of course advisable but it does not reduce the bacteria and mold which inhabit the surface of the food. By placing a Fridge Stick in your fridge, each month you are able to create a permanently mold / pathogen and odor free environment. In addition to the obvious health benefits this technology allows you to save a great deal of money as it keeps your food fresh for longer!

Visit our website on the link below to find out more: https://www.nanoprotect.co.za/fridge-sticks/

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