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A nanometre (nm) is one thousand millionth of a meter. A single human hair is about 80,000 nm wide; a red blood cell is approximately 7,000 nm wide, a DNA molecule 2 to 2.5 nm, and a water molecule almost 0.3 nm. The term”nanotechnology” was created by Norio Taniguchi of Tokyo University in 1974 to describe the precision manufacture of materials with nanometre tolerances.

Nanotechnology is changing how we manage our environment offering replacements to aggressive cleaning chemicals, new solutions for infection control, seed enhancements, asset protection, public health and food hygiene. By manipulating molecules to create novel structures, devices and systems with outstanding properties, products are becoming lighter, stronger, healthier, smaller, more durable and safer.

Glass & Ceramic is an alcohol based system, which generates an easy-to-clean effect on glass and ceramic surfaces.

A nanometre (nm) is one thousand millionth of a meter. A single human hair is about 80,000 nm wide; a red blood cell…

A NANO Coating for ALL LENSES, Reading Glasses, Camera Lenses, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, Satnav and many more…

Water and nutrients allows plants to grow and flourish. Hot and dry summers, unfavorable habitats and permeable soils…

Glass – Auto, Aviation, Marine, Undercarriage, Alloy wheels, Plastics – Trimmings and more…

For the Manufactures of Solar Panels. With the use of our products you can achieve an increase of the actual energy yield of your…

This coating generates a nano-scale film on the surface.

  • Stain repellent, exp…

Now in South Africa. Protection for wooden pallets and Cardboard Boxes to prevent damage…

The number of scientific publications in the field grew from about 200 in 1997 to more than 12,000 in 2002.

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